Elections done fair... done right.


California homeowners associations are best served when using an outside party to service their elections. Correct Elect, LLC provides accurate, hassle free election services throughout California. Our comprehensive planning and preparation of the election process (call for candidate services, ballot distribution, ballot receipt/tally and results certification) ensures that your community and Board of Directors conform with California Civil Code . Count on us to make your election process easy, efficient and CORRECT.


Our Services

  • Governing Document Review

  • Election Ballot/Package Preparation

  • Ballot Mailing/Receipt

  • Ballot Collection/Validation

  • Candidate Call/Review 

  • Reminder Mailings

  • Strategies for Quorum

  • Recording Secretarial Services


Why HOA Correct Election

With over thirty combined years of experience managing HOA's throughout California, we understand the nuances that go into dissecting and translating CC&Rs, Bylaws, Election Rules and Civil Code. Our experience and knowledge relieves your stress and burden. Let us do the heavy lifting so that you can be sure to have a professionally run election from start to finish.


HOA Election Updates

Information is power. Our clients receive updates on changes to laws and procedures so they remain as up to date on the HOA election process and procedures as possible. We understand how the balance of a community weighs heavily on its leaders and agents. Accurate elections are paramount for all involved. 

Check out our FAQ's for important updates.


Our Service

We work with communities of all sizes and types throughout California: Planned Unit Developments, Master Planned Communities, Sub Associations, Homeowner Associations, etc. Want to find out more ...click here


Those who are voted to serve on their community’s Board of Directors serve a valuable role. You are honored with the fiduciary duty to uphold your policies and procedures while maintaining your values at their highest possible levels. We are here to ensure the members’ votes (voices) count. An accurate election the most important stepping stone in the success of your community. Correct Elect, LLC ensures the voting process is fair and accurate every time.